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Albums Against the Invasion by the ABC Musical Solidarity Group

2022 03 14

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Shortly after the first bombs started falling on Ukrainian cities in the
invasion by Russian forces, anti-authoritarian musicians around the
world began collaborating with members of Anarchist Black Cross
collectives to respond. Now, two compilation albums have been released
to raise money for anarchists fighting the invasion on the front lines
in Ukraine, and behind the lines in Russia.


The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military requires Putin to direct
violence on both sides of the battle lines. As his bombers and artillery
shell Ukrainian cities, and his tanks roll over Ukrainian fields and
wallow in the springtime mud, the Russian state maintains the discipline
of war at home. The OMON and FSB target anti-war protestors. The media
shut down under threat of prison for speaking the truth about the war.
When conscripts refuse to participate in this imperialist war, they face
threats and punishments from their officers.

In Kyiv and other cities, the Ukrainian anarchist movement- which
includes many exiled Russian and Belarusian comrades- has taken up arms.
They are fighting to defend their communities, their comrades, and a
liberatory vision of the future of Ukraine, separate from the
aspirations of the Right or of the state. Meanwhile, across Russia, our
comrades take to the street whether by day in mass marches, or by night
to spread the truth about the war through creative means, or to take
more direct actions. One draft office has already been burned near
Moscow. In the words of that heroic arsonist, "Let [the oligarchs] know
that their own people hate them and we will extinguish them. Soon the
earth will start to burn under their feet. Hell awaits at home".

By supporting the fight against the invasion at both the front and
behind the lines, we hope to nurture the seeds of the movement that can
turn this war between nations into a revolution against the ruling
class- a new spring of autonomy and solidarity sweeping across the

The first album, "The Deserter", is fund-raising for the Anarchist Black
Cross in Moscow. It will support the legal defense and general
protection of those within the Russian Federation who are resisting the
war and fighting back against the clampdown by the Russian state.
Featuring a black poppy and the crossed-out "Z" of the anti-war movement
on its cover, the album features songs about political prisoners,
inflation, soldiers’ mothers, barricades, and of course, desertion.

The second album, "Mother Anarchy", is raising money for he Anarchist
Black Cross Dresden, to be directed towards their ongoing support work
for the Committee of Resistance, an anarchist unit within the
Territorial Defense forces, formed by anti-authoritarian activists in
Ukraine. Beginning with the song "Mother Anarchy" written by Nestor
Makhno, by album takes us on a journey through South African hip hop,
lo-fi, German punk, ska, and Makhnovist rewrites of Cossack ballads.

The artist lineup includes such acts as Soundz of the South, Darryl
Cherney, the Window Smashing Job Creators, Maske, Soho, and a folk
collective formed for this project going by the pseudonym Tachanka.

The albums are being sold at the ABC Musical Solidarity Bandcamp for at
least $8 each, with the option to pay more to support the cause.