Everything Is Just Dandy!

Anarchist Supply Chain project

2022 03 31

Announcing the formation of an international anarchist supply chain project.

We have seen your calls. We too have felt the need for the comforts of modern anarchist life after the revolution (ATR). Nihilism be damned! Up with HOPE! Down with DOPE! Wipe your sorrows away, we will go into the pit and return goods to the factory floor dearest comrades. Just for you.

Inspired by the text “Good Mines” by William Gillis, we are excited to announce not only the new formation of this working group, but also our first steady supply chain. It’s called LEGALIZE RANCH special operation and will provide Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing for anarchists ATR.

Let’s be honest. You’re at the Pizza hut. Pizza Hut / Taco Bell. Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell and you want a fresh forest garden salad with Ranch. We got you. Douse that puppy (not a real puppy, but salad) with it!

Next week we will be launching our next supply chain project. It’s called STEALING BOOKS and involves anarchists going into public libraries and stealing books to keep in their own private collection for when friends visit (to show off all the books!).

Stay tuned for more and as always, for the most valid on point anarchist critique please login to Twitter.