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Anonymous – An International Anarchist Militancy

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2022 03 17

Author: Anonymous
Title: An International Anarchist Militancy
Date: 2022
Source: Retrieved on 2022-03-18 from abolitionmedia.noblogs.org/post/2022/03/14/an-international-anarchist-militancy

As wars between nation States become more frequent and draw in volunteers from around the world, it is the ideal moment to reflect on what charcterizes an international anarchist militancy.

The goals of anarchist militants are to:

  • carve out autonomous territory

  • build liberatory communities and political bodies

  • fight on the side of the global oppressed

  • provide international solidarity across borders

The term ‘anarchist militant’ should be redundant, as all those who fight for liberation should take a militant approach. However the recent tendency of so-called anarchists in the West to liberalize the anarchist movement, culminating in the outrageous turn of such groups marching to the beat of NATO’s drum, it is clear that what it means to be an anarchist needs to be reasserted, and its historical legacy continued.

Carving Out Territory and Building Communities

The priority is to take territory, to help destroy and eat away at nation-states, control the means of production so that resources may be equitably distributed, and not fall into the hands of exploiters and capitalists. To do so, the essential task is building up forces and political groupings so that we can be a formidable faction when the moment is right. This is a process that takes time and dedication, years of training and study. It pays off because when States and demagogues fight each other, we will be able to take advantage of the turmoil to carve out a territory.

As we build our armed factions, we simultaneously build liberatory structures and communities. Our movement will not succeed if one oppressive state is replaced by another, capitalist white supremacy is replaced by an authoritarian demagogue (or vice versa); if one form of repressing anarchists, and ‘second class’ citizens is replaced by another, if self-described fascism is replaced by democratically imposed fascism.

Our forces and our communities should be built in a way consistent with our ethics and organizing principles: respect for each other, a priority for people’s needs, research, education and knowledge based on the people’s struggle, community defense disseminated throughout society. These principles form the basis for the decisions of each collective.

We hold that the central foundation is defense and strategy. This is the place and the role for the militant anarchist. This is how training comes to bare fruit. With the proper preparation, our territories create space for liberated communities and social structures to flourish, and create buffer zones that can allow us to defend these areas.

We can look to the work of Makhno, Zapata, the Spanish Civil War or the Shinmin Prefecture. These examples lead us down the road to success and provide valuable warnings to heed.

We learn from Shinmin that defense must be equal to the population that lives within the territory, must be spread throughout, not just the armed forces. While heinous regimes must be combatted, we have to acknowledge that holding a territory also creates a weakness in a guerrilla struggle. If attacks are launched from our region, we must be able to sufficiently counter any response. Attacks launched must also cripple the enemy’s ability to retaliate.

Defense is not just arms training and holding the territory, but also commiting to the political lines without wavering.. This is an essential lesson from the Spanish Civil War. The militants were sold out before they were able to reap the benefits of their battles. The CNT insisted on joining the coalition government, weakening the militant position and creating an opening for the fascists to take power. This is a warning for all anarchists to heed today. Hold a firm line between your unapologetic work and those so-called radicals who waffle and give in ideologocially to power – they have already sold out before even achieving any gains. A line between those committed to the principles and those willing to give in should be drawn hard and fast.

Inevitably once liberated territories exist, there will, by the necessity of survival and in order to not be annihilated by better-armed adversaries, be uncomfortable negotiations and compromises. But it is imperative to note that these compromises should not be made before they are absolutely necessary. If they are made before we have any territory, it only strengthens the State, without us gaining anything. Before taking territory from the State, our political lines must be uncompromising — it is our strong ethics that will hold us together for the fight. All our effort must be focused on preparing fighting forces and promoting a stronger movement. We focus our energy on all the aspects that will lead to material gains for our side.

FIght on the Side of the Globally Oppressed

Our fight is on the side of the globally oppressed. Those of us who stand in particularly egregious States, like the US, those in Europe, and Australia hold a particular responsibility to study and understand how these States have pillaged the global south, and to fight these States tooth and nail. It is our responsibility to stay staunchly resistant to their propaganda, so as not to become the radical wing of their agenda. For example, those so-called anarchists that parrot US propaganda about the Ukraine are merely strengthening its global standing.