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Brenton Lengel Annihilates “Anarcho-Capitalism” and “Libertarianism”!!

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From Anarchy Tube by Cyber Dandy

Brenton Christopher Lengel is a screenwriter, playwright and Ringo Award-nominated comic creator who found his artistic voice along the windswept peaks of the northern Appalachians. Shortly thereafter cutting his literary teeth in the NYC underground. His body of work is broad-based and eclectic but he is best known for “North to Maine,” the first play ever written about the Appalachian trail, his Ringo Award-nominated comic series “Snow White Zombie Apocalypse,” and “Afterall,” his urban fantasy collaboration with Rogue, lead singer of the chart-topping goth/electropop band The Crüxshadows.

Today, we sit down to discuss the roots of American anarcho-capitalism in the free market fundamentalism that emerged after World War II. Among other things, we also discuss the constant threat of liberal recuperation of movements, the Left’s mythology of incompetence surrounding Occupy Wall Street, and cool comic book stuff!

00:00:00 – About Brenton
00:21:35 – Murray Rothbard, the F.B.I. and 1960’s Radicals
00:29:54 – Briefly on Samuel Edward Konkin III and Agorism
00:32:36 – The Foundation for Economic Education
00:34:36 – Murray Rothbard "Capturing" the Terminology of Libertarianism and Anarchism
00:48:45 – The Libertarian Partyists and their Racist Cohorts
00:50:15 – Right-wing Recuperation of Radical and Anarchist Figures, Slogans, and Symbols
00:53:27 – Ron Paul, Gross Media Tactics, Koch Brothers, the Libertarian to Alt-Right Pipeline, and Theories About Why This Was All Created
01:14:54 – The Social and Cultural Impacts of Libertarian Partyism and Anarcho-Capitalism and Some Reasons Why Capitalism Sucks
01:22:28 – Reviewing Some Bad Arguments for (Anarcho-)Capitalism
01:25:50 – Praxeology
01:32:48 – How the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis Motivated People to Reach for these Ideologies
01:35:02 – Use of the Gold/Black Flag, Yellow Unions, Assassination of Unionists
01:37:57 – Reviewing More Bad Arguments for (Anarcho-)Capitalism
01:41:15 – Occupy Wall Street
01:48:47 – A Message to Future Organizers!

Here are some links to Brenton’s stuff:

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+ Snow White Zombie Apocalypse: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brentonlengel/snow-white-zombie-apo…

Also, check out Brenton chud thumping on Modern Day Debate!: https://www.youtube.com/c/ModernDayDebate

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