Everything Is Just Dandy!

Call Out from Nowhere


A new, growing, and malignant "collective" of native writers are working on Issue 9 of Black Seed: A Journal of Indigenous Anarchy.

We open this invitation to Indigenous anarchist/autonomist/nihilists who might submit texts (in any form such as essays or poetry & things in-between) regarding the immense subject of “WAR.”

We are both fascinated and disgusted by caricatures of "war" think and logic.
Somewhere between the clicheed militant drum beats and dim propositions of activist martyrdom, someplace beyond the fashionable war paint pose for the cameras, and somewhere else within and without the possibility of anti-colonial attack, and perhaps dead-state spiritual operations, parapolitics, something other than pacifism (and anything that hasn’t been said too many times before, or not enough).

Please entice us with new Play, Convulsions, Contradictions, and irreducible Antagonisms.

We need to hear from you.

Send your contribution for print consideration to: theblackseed@proton.me

Deadline: April 15th 2023