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Commies Attack Anarchists at a March in Greece

2022 04 08

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Original full title: Brief update on the Greek Communist Party affiliated All-Workers Militant Front attack against anarchists at the General Strike rally in Patras

Machine-assisted translation of the following Greek-language article from the Athens Indymedia website: https://athens.indymedia.org/post/1617999/

Brief update on PAME’s attack on comrades in Patras

On 06/04/2022, during the rally of the strike march outside the Patras Labour Centre, two comrades attempted to denounce via the microphone the presence of the Association of Restaurant and Leisure Shopkeepers of Achaia Prefecture (S.K.E.E.A.N.A.) in the workers’ march.

When the PAME’s [1] guards became aware of the content of the intervention, they interrupted the comrade who at that moment had taken the floor, throwing him down and immobilising him. At the sight of this attack, a few anarchists who were close to the incident, in their attempt to approach the comrade who had been attacked, were confronted by the PAME security, who, with excessive zeal and violence, attacked them in order to defend the presence of the bosses in the strike march.

No surprise of course, neither the rage with which PAME’s goons attacked anarchists proclaiming that "soon you will suffer worse than what happened to anarchists during the Soviet Union", nor their vulgar misogynistic and sexist attack against female comrades, nor their rhetoric about parastatists and provocateurs who attempt to attack the strike. Besides, anyone who does not have a short memory can easily recall similar incidents from the movement’s past, with a recent local example being the attempted isolation of anarchist blocs during a strike march in Patras in November 2018 and the subsequent clash with the comrades who defended their presence on the street.

The party army of the KKE [2], it is they who defended the interests of the bosses, it is they who raised their hands against anarchist strikers who attempted to denounce the presence of the latter in the workers’ march, it is they who always channel and lead the anger of the oppressed, it is they who see themselves as the monopolistic owners of the class struggle. And it is they and their logics that must be isolated from those who struggle for revolution and the destruction of the world of power.


[1] All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) is is a coordination centre within the Greek trade union movement, founded on the initiative of Communist Party of Greece trade-unionists in April 1999.

[2] KKE is the Communist Party of Greece