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Episode 431: The Internet vs. The People? (ft. Ben Tarnoff)

Diet Soap – a podcast
Douglas Lain


Ben Tarnoff, a tech writer and co-founder of Logic Magazine joins Douglas Lain to discuss Tarnoff’s book "Internet for the People."  

From the back of the book:  

"In Internet for the People, leading tech writer Ben Tarnoff offers an answer. The internet is broken, he argues, because it is owned by private firms and run for profit. Google annihilates your privacy and Facebook amplifies right-wing propaganda because it is profitable to do so. But the internet wasn’t always like this—it had to be remade for the purposes of profit maximization, through a years-long process of privatization that turned a small research network into a powerhouse of global capitalism. Tarnoff tells the story of the privatization that made the modern internet, and which set in motion the crises that consume it today." 

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