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Final Straw: Strategies For Ecological Revolution From Below with Peter Gelderloos

It’s Going Down
Final Straw
2022 04 18

Long-running anarchist podcast and radio show The Final Straw speaks with anarchist author Peter Gelderloos.

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This week on The Final Straw, we’re featuring a recent conversation with anarchist author and activist, Peter Gelderloos about his latest book, “The Solutions Are Already Here: Strategies For Ecological Revolution From Below”, published by Pluto Press in 2022. For the hour we speak about critiques of science and Western Civilization that Peter levels, as well as the centrality of struggling on the ground we stand on, creating autonomous infrastructure, resisting colonial extractivism and the need for imagination and care as we tear down this ecocidal system.

Peter has prior authored such books as “Anarchy Works”, “How Non-Violence Protects The State”, and “Worshiping Power”, and you can find a number of his essays up on TheAnarchistLibrary.Org. You can also hear our past interviews with Peter here: https://thefinalstrawradio.noblogs.org/post/category/peter-gelderloos/