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From Capitalist Realism to Acid Communism: A Brief History of Mark Fisher’s Concepts

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In this episode, Adam takes us through Mark Fisher’s concept of Capitalist Realism, and how the concept developed across Fisher’s theoretical writings. Adam focuses on how the notion is deployed in his 2009 book Capitalist Realism, and how it is reformulated in his Introduction to the unfinished Acid Communism text. Adam takes us through the aspects of melancholia and depressive psychology in Capitalist Realism, its psychological and social mechanisms, and how the question of the geopolitics of Capitalist Realism and neoliberalism shifted in Fisher’s analysis from a Cold War East-West focus to one that centres the imperialist destruction of communism in Latin America. Reflecting on contemporary social movements such as anti-raids groups and school strikes, Fisher’s optimism for a post-capitalist desire is illustrated through the reframing of Capitalist Realism in Acid Communism, a project which reaffirms that all consciousness is malleable and the site of an active struggle, a struggle haunted by the spectre of a world that could be free.

Transcript: https://happyhourathippels.wordpress.com/2022/07/17/transcript-from-capitalist-realism-to-acid-communism/

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