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How Landlords Ruined Everything

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Tom Nicholas

Support Shelter’s vital work protecting renters from bad landlords by sponsoring me to run the London Marathon at http://tinyurl.com/tomsmarathon A video about the housing crisis and how landlords ruined everything. *Chapters* 00:00 1. The Room 05:26 A. A Guided Tour 07:05 2. Landlord Tetris 10:41 B. The Empty Building 12:47 3. Boiling Point 15:50 C. So, I’m Running the London Marathon 16:59 4. Shelter 19:33 D. 1,000 Miles Support the channel on Patreon at http://patreon.com/tomnicholas If you’ve enjoyed this video and would like to see more including my What The Theory? series in which I provide some snappy introductions to key theories in the humanities as well as video essays and more then do consider subscribing. Thanks for watching! Twitter: http://twitter.com/tom_nicholas Instagram: http://instagram.com/tomnicholaswtf Patreon: http://patreon.com/tomnicholas Website: http://www.tomnicholas.com Select footage courtesy of Getty #HousingCrisis #Landlords #Rent