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Iran: Statement of the Federation of Anarchism Era to Anonymous fellow confreres



“Anonymous” has managed to hack several government websites, including the hypocritical Radio & TV station (iribnews.ir) in recent days, after the Shia Islamic “Moral Security Police” brutal murder of the 22-year-old Kurdish woman Mahsa (Jina) Amini. They support the uprising of the Iranian people against the ruling fascist Islamic State in Iran. We support Anonymous!

“Anonymous” hackers’ message in Persian against the hypocritical Shia Islamic Radio & TV – #OpIran #Anonymous:

Statement of the Federation of Anarchism Era to Anonymous fellow confreres
September 22, 2022

The Federation of Anarchism Era, as the main self-organized body of anarchists in the geographic region known as Afghanistan and Iran, appreciates and declares solidarity with the activity of anonymous hackers against the information and telecommunication system of the criminals ruling class of Iran and wants to communicate and cooperate with Anonymous as much as possible in order to deal with the government’s cyber forces, exposing government information and programs, and maintaining digital security of our fellow comrades on the Internet.

We have already discussed the importance of this relationship and cooperation with Anonymous hackers, but due to various reasons, including the complicity of governments to establish the Taliban in the geography of Afghanistan, the numerous crimes of the criminal government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the maximum pressure of this system against the anarchists of these two geographies, the process of writing and Communication was delayed.

Federation of Anarchism Era