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Patricia Piccinini’s Alternative Universe of Bio-Hacked Beings

Nikita Ephanov

The Artist Shows Extension of Non-Human Empathy in Biohacked Art

In a world where the cultural and the natural – the technological and organic – are ever more intermingled, this wilderness is my symbolic representation of a place where technology has become so natural that it takes on a life of its own.

Patricia Piccinini on Her Work

Just a glance at Patricia Piccinini’s diverse breadth of humanoid creations imparts a disturbing, yet oddly empathetic experience. More than just sketches, detailed models or ponderings of a dystopian breed, Piccinini’s vision activates a deeply rooted human compassion.

Perhaps the disturbance stems from our appraisal of the beings, our bewilderment over sensing disgust and attachment simultaneously. Her works don’t predominantly intend to shock. They bring upon an unusually gruesome mode of comfort. Deconstructing boundaries, expanding notions of empathy, questioning the fundamental core of what makes human flesh so human.

Throughout her career, she’s retained an evolutionary homogeneity. The creatures are born from the same biological foundations. It’d be easy to imagine one trudging through our urban landscape, sliding down escalators, purchasing an ice cream and getting into a custom made car.

They’re societal, urban-centric chimeras. There is a lack of undiscovered exoticism and instead a living, breeding creature among us. An organic creation birthed within humanity.