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Protecting Mothers and Babies from Terrorism Act would designate some conduct by pro-choice groups…

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Protecting Mothers and Babies from Terrorism Act would designate some conduct by pro-choice groups as domestic terrorism

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA14)

Marjorie Taylor Greene singles out two groups, “Ruth Sent Us” and “Jane’s Revenge,” which she apparently hates just as much as she loves the two groups Anglos and Saxons.


In his immediate remarks two hours after June’s Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade was released, President Joe Biden called on Americans “to keep all protests peaceful. Peaceful, peaceful, peaceful.” And overwhelmingly, they were. No person died, or was even seriously hurt, nationwide.

Pro-choice people have protested nationwide for the past two months — starting after Politico leaked a draft Supreme Court opinion that would overturn the abortion case Roe v. Wade in May, then continuing after the final opinion doing just that was handed down in June.

Two pro-choice groups during this period have proven particularly notable.

Jane’s Revenge is named after the pseudonymous plaintiff Jane Roe, later revealed to actually be named Norma McCorvey. Statements attributed to Jane’s Revenge claimed responsibility for several recent attacks of arson and vandalism towards anti-abortion pregnancy crisis centers, publicly declaring that it was “open season.”

In June, some congressional Republicans sent a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas and FBI Director Christopher Wray, asking them to officially designate Jane’s Revenge as domestic terrorists. Facebook’s parent company, Meta, recently designated Jane’s Revenge as a terrorist organization on their platform.

Ruth Sent Us is named after deceased pro-choice Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose death and replacement by conservative Amy Coney Barrett provided the decisive fifth vote to overturn Roe. Ruth Sent Us is most prominent for organizing the peaceful protests outside the homes of conservative justices, while Jane’s Revenge is more extreme.

What the bill does

The Protecting Mothers and Babies from Terrorism Act would deem 21 specific examples of abortion-related conduct from May and June as domestic terrorism. These include arson, graffiti, vandalism, and smashed windows towards anti-abortion “crisis pregnancy centers” and churches.

Statements attributed to Jane’s Revenge publicly claimed responsibility for a few such incidents. None of them appear to have been publicly claimed by Ruth Sent Us, though the bill’s text itself erroneously claims that they were, by specifically name-checking the organization.

Note that this bill would not designate either of the two organizations as domestic terrorism organizations, per se — just the 21 specified acts from May and June as acts of domestic terrorism.

It was introduced in the House on June 23 as H.R. 8196, by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA14).

What supporters say

Supporters argue that these were acts of terrorism, intended to accomplish the literal definition of the word (“inflict terror”), and should be officially designated as such.

“The Democrats’ war on women is real and it is now being waged with firebombs,” Rep. Greene tweeted. “I am proud to introduce this legislation to hold these pro-abortion terrorists accountable for their crimes.”

(On the other side of the coin, since 1977, there have been 11 murders, 42 bombings, 196 arsons, and 491 assaults by right-wing actors against abortion providers. Those are far worse, both quantitatively and qualitatively — i.e. murders — than the several examples of left-wing arson and graffiti that Rep. Greene lambasts.)

What opponents say

Opponents counter that the 21 examples cited in the bill are already illegal, if not quite designated as “domestic terrorism.” So designating them as such accomplishes little except virtue signaling in the culture wars, for which Rep. Greene is one of the right’s leading figures.

Indeed, Rep. Greene has a prior history of histrionic and exaggerated claims of violence. The most prominent was in April, when she claimed to have reported comedian Jimmy Kimmel to the Capitol Police following Kimmel’s joke about her. The joke referenced actor Will Smith’s recent slapping of comedian Chris Rock at the Academy Awards, when Kimmel said of Greene: “Where is Will Smith when you really need him?”

Odds of passage

The bill has attracted nine cosponsors, all Republicans. It awaits a potential vote in the House Judiciary Committee.

Odds of passage are low in the Democratic-controlled chamber.

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This article was written by GovTrack Insider staff writer Jesse Rifkin.

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