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Remains of 17 anarchist prisoners exhumed from Fort Ezcaba

2022 03 29

March 21, 2022
CNT Iruña

Yesterday, the CNT Iruña union was informed that a tribute ceremony was going to be held in the Berriozar cemetery (Navarra), on the exhumation work, which the Society of Sciences Aranzadi had been working on since last March 9th.

Today, Monday, March 21, several compañeras and compañeros have come to pay homage to those who, possibly, are the remains of our murdered compañeros. "Our dead, because they were killed for their ideas, for their anarchist ideas in clear confrontation with fascism," said the anarcho-syndicalist central.

It is most likely that they were murdered on November 1, 1936, as mentioned in some local archives, in conjunction with some testimonies of Berriozar neighbors. The human remains were found next to the edge of the old cemetery wall.

Most of them were not more than thirty years old, and it is believed that they belonged to a group of anarchist prisoners from Fort San Cristobal, a prison on Mount Ezcaba. Prisoners that would have been detained in the period of the second republic, before the fascist coup.

The exhumation work continues because it is speculated that under the same remains of the murdered comrades, the remains of four others may be found. Thus recovering the remains of the 21 anarchists imprisoned in the Fort of Ezcaba.

Work will be carried out to identify the remains by means of DNA. The CNT Iruña union will remain very attentive to this entire process, in order to be able to report everything that happens, rescue the history of our dead, and be able to accompany our families to the remains of our comrades.