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Simon Critchley’s Philosophy (And Why He and Zizek Always Fight)

Sublation Media, Diet Soap and Douglas Lain
Sublation Media, Diet Soap and Douglas Lain
2022 04 12

The moderator of the New York Times’ Stone column and the author of numerous books on everything from Greek tragedy to David Bowie, Simon Critchley has been a strong voice in popular philosophy for more than a decade. His book Bald: 35 Philosophical Short Cuts brings together thirty‑five essays, originally published in the Times, on a wide range of topics, from the dimensions of Plato’s academy to Philip K. Dick, Mormonism, money, and the joy and pain of Liverpool Football Club fans. Christopher Hedges and Boris Franklin at GCAS https://gcascollege.ie/voice-seminar Support Us on Patreon https://patreon.com/dietsoap