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Stop Imposing Woke Ideology Abroad Act would end State Department’s new Special Representative for…

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Stop Imposing Woke Ideology Abroad Act would end State Department’s new Special Representative for Racial Equity and Justice

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ5)

The lead sponsor opposes adding this new position at State, just like he opposes adding a new state.


When Joe Biden was vice president during Barack Obama’s presidency, the State Department created several new positions centered around themes of inclusivity and progressivism.

In 2015, Obama named Randy Berry to be the department’s first Special Envoy to Advance the Human Rights of LGBTQI+ Persons. Under Biden, that role is filled by Jessica Stern.

Similarly, in 2010, Obama named Judith Heumann as the department’s first Special Advisor on International Disability Rights. Under Biden, that role is filled by Sara Minkara.

Now, Biden is getting into the game himself.

In April, his State Department announced that it would create a new position: Special Representative for Racial Equity and Justice. In June, the administration appointed Desirée Cormier Smith to the role. She previously worked for the department’s Bureau of International Organization Affairs, and before that at the left-leaning philanthropic organization Open Society Foundations.

What the bill does

The Stop Imposing Woke Ideology Abroad Act would eliminate the State Department’’s new Special Representative for Racial Equity and Justice position.

It was introduced in the House on July 19 as H.R. 8422, by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ5).

What supporters say

Supporters argue that they oppose this president’s racial and equity ideologies even domestically, which they contend are actually discrimination by another name, but that the U.S. particularly shouldn’t attempt to force those same ideologies across the globe.

“Using taxpayer dollars to fund the Biden administration’s woke programs abroad is a complete misuse of federal funding and further strains our relationships with countries abroad,” Rep. Biggs said in a press release. “Americans have already rejected the Biden administration’s radical social agenda, and yet it continues to try and force it on countries that have also rightly rejected it.”

“Imposing woke ideology on other countries is just another example of the Biden Administration’s foreign policy failures,” Rep. Biggs continued. “This legislation ensures we protect American interests and curb the Biden administration’s detached social agenda abroad.”

What opponents say

Opponents counter that the new position is helpful for American influence on these issues, amid a world which they contend still has too much racism, discrimination, and hate.

“The State Department strives to promote and protect the rights of individuals and communities who are oppressed because of their race or ethnicity and create a just world where all people are valued, included, and able to live up to their full potential,” the department said in a press release announcing Cormier Smith’s appointment.

“Special Representative Cormier Smith will also ensure that our own policies are protecting and advancing the rights of people belonging to marginalized racial and ethnic communities,” the department continued. “Embedding equity across our work is imperative to ensuring better-informed and more effective foreign policies and programs that support all people regardless of their race or ethnicity.”

Odds of passage

The bill has attracted four cosponsors, all Republicans. It awaits a potential vote in the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Odds of passage are low in the Democratic-controlled chamber.

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This article was written by GovTrack Insider staff writer Jesse Rifkin.

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