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THIS IS REVOLUTION>podcast Ep. 273: The Problem with Race Reductionism in Sociology w/ Dr. Zine Magubane


2022 04 21

It is often said that racism is ingrained in the DNA of America. An unavoidable consequence of a country founded on the notion of White Supremacy. Critical Race Theory architect Derrick Bell spoke of "interest convergence" meaning, the interest of all Black people achieving racial equality will only be accommodated when it converges with the interests of whites." Do shared racial connections outweigh class analysis? Does Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, and Anti Racism, ignore working class struggles and embrace capitalist reforms?

Zine Magubane

As an historical sociologist and an Africanist, my aim has been to show that because the development of sociology has always been so closely connected with the colonization of Africa, sociology has always been ‘global’. It has also, however, produced knowledge in the service of colonial power. The connections between the history of sociology and the practice of colonial rule are, however, not well known. My work aims to change this. Much of my work is oriented around demonstrating that the frustrations that sociologists are currently experiencing about the limited abilities of our theories and methods to meet the challenge of studying global and transnational social processes are the results of this particular aspect of sociology’s disciplinary history having been occluded. The inadequacy of many of the normative presuppositions that underlie sociology’s core interpretive premises are, I have argued, are the logical outcome of the elision of this key aspect of our disciplinary history.

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