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TOTW: Branding®


two middle fingers up at normie society!

Topic of the Week- In 2001, FRONTLINE (PBS) released a documentary titled “The Merchants of Cool,” which examined the tactics, techniques, and cultural ramifications of marketing directed towards teenagers as they look for their identity in society(!). These media moguls, executives, marketers, and cultural critics spend their days examining the streets, schools, malls, and the Internet to find the next big thing to market for billions of dollars a year. With adolescents as the most lucrative demographic in the USA, the documentary questions if it is actually the kids making these choices or if their desires are being manufactured by corporate America. This week we’re taking a look at branding and the “rebranding” of anarchist ideas.

One recent example from popular culture of rebranding is that of RadioShack over the years. The “rebranding” has taken many steps over time, but this past week “[t]he 100-year-old retailer reintroduced itself on Twitter with a stream of often-profane tweets — some since deleted — filled with crude comments and drug references.” Their chief marketing officer goes on to say, "It’s our voice, a new voice, one for the people." "RadioShack’s audience used to be only an older demographic, but as times have changed and e-commerce has taken over, the old voice of RadioShack is no longer relevant."

Closer to home in the anarchist space, do you think anarchists have “rebranded” the most beautiful idea to change with the times to attract new people, clarify their ideas, or have their “anarchist” project be more attractive to those with capital? One brief example is that of anti-civ ideas and how some like Kevin Tucker have now created a new word in the anarchist lexicon to describe their views. It’s not anti-civ, “anarcho-primitivism” (which was already really frowned upon), or green anarchy anymore, but the new PRIMAL anarchy. What are other examples of this from the anarchist space?

Do you think anarchy has an image problem? If so how do anarchists change this image and “rebrand” (a gross marketing term) to make sure more comuniqués are being signed by – some anarchists and ideas reach a wider audience? Or do anarchists just keep doing what their doing and raise two middle fingers up at normie society?

This week, we are also including a challenge to make a meme where you create an ad for your own brand of anarchy or logo redesign and upload it to Anokchan with the tag “branding.” Then drop a link in the comments here along with your reply.