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TOTW: Rights

2022 04 25

you gotta fight for your right to party!?

Topic of the Week – This week we’re taking a closer look into anarchist ideas and their relationship to rights. There are many rights one might come across in daily life including animal rights, child rights, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, gun rights, human rights, natural rights, legal rights, property rights, student rights, housing rights, food rights, water rights, reproductive rights, digital rights, women’s rights, indigenous rights, voting rights, and workers rights to name some.

Many anarchists and their friends have written about the idea of rights including Lysander Spooner, Max Stirner, Dora Marsden, Benjamin Tucker and other American individualist anarchists, to more contemporary writers like Bob Black, Noam Chomsky, and ziq. How are they and other thinkers addressing the topic well and/or poorly? What is the anarchist problem of rights?