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Towards Total Liberation Memory and Counterculture


from Anarquia, via Dark Nights

In combative memory of comrade Mauricio Morales 13 years after his death on the way to attack the gendarmerie school, we gather again around his memorial to take off towards different horizons, always in search of total liberation, fighting all forms of authority.

The anarchic memory connects us between different generations of comrades, feeding our present and motivating new steps, new decisions.

Our dead walk with us and laugh, mocking oblivion and passivity.

Because nothing is over and everything continues…

Our memory is black, our heart too.

Punki Mauri presente!

Source: Anarquia

[Poster translation:

Towards Total Liberation Memory and KounterKulture

"Do me a favor, prokure to live anarky"- Mauricio Morales, present

Sunday May 15 / 16hrs / Voluntary Donation

Villa Francia Activity Center, Las Estepas #845

La Furia, Disturbio, Anti Todo (Eskorbuto cover band), Banda Bonnot

Poster and Photo Expo
Videos . Vegan Food
Antiauthoritarian Material

Until the last bastion of carceral society is destroyed

Punky Mauri is present]