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Why do anarchists go to war?

2022 03 18

via Rev Dia, translation via their instagram

Many people still do not understand why the anarchists suddenly decided to go to war against Russia.

This is partly due to Russian propaganda, which positions Russia as an antifascist force fighting neonazi regime in Ukraine. Partly because many people see Putin as a fighter against USA imperialism.

The fact is that the current war is not war between Ukraine and Russia, but the war for the future of all countries of the former Soviet Union. The Russian government has been the guarantor of dictatorial regimes throughout the CIS for the long time. It supports them in difficult times, as it was in cases of Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The reference dictatorship regime was implemented in Russia. With a total ban on freedom of speech and imprisonment for 15 years for participating in a peaceful demonstration. If Putin’s dictatorship wins the war in Ukraine, all this won’t become a reality only for Ukrainians, but will be spreading and established in Russia and other countries. For a long time there will be no possibility to change this system. Moreover, it will give Putin ambitions to expand his dictatorship in new countries. Besides that, all activists of any movement will be destroyed, including anarchists, regardless of their position on the war.

The war in Ukraine is perhaps the last chance to stop and destroy the dictatorship. That is why it is so important to stop the dictatorial horde by all possible methods.