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Inner Experience – Carl Rogers: Grief, Therapy, and Global Crisis

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2022 01 10

On this episode of Inner Experience we welcome in 2022 with our friend Chuck LeBlanc, a psychotherapist based in Canada and host of the Couch to Couch podcast, to talk about his therapeutic practice. Chuck takes us through his influences from the Positive Psychologist Carl Rogers to Gilles Deleuze and Alfred North Whitehead, and explains the methods of an inclusive and empathetic therapeutic approach as well as how the pandemic has impacted how people receive and relate to their own therapeutic as well as everyday experiences. Later on in the episode, we talk to Chuck about his current project on the experience of grief. Together, we examine the structure of grief in the economy of loss, and its repression predominantly in male contexts, as we consider grieving in a variety of concepts; from the loss of a loved one to the loss of a sense of one’s world as well as the grief that comes from the loss of a political future.

You can listen to Chuck’s podcast, Couch to Couch, here: https://open.spotify.com/show/2KHIRPerXEenEKOTV5X22n?si=ba824abb7b0f4733

If you’re interested in contacting Chuck about any therapeutic services, you can check out his website here: https://chuckleblanccounselling.ca/

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