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International Anti-Authoritarian Gathering to be held in Switzerland

2022 01 10

via Anarchy 2022

From 28th to 31st July 2022 a meeting will be held in St-Imier (Jura, CH) to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Congress of St-Imier which, in 1872, saw the foundation of the Anti-Authoritarian International, an event marking the birth of the organized anarchist movement.

The event will consist of 4 days of meetings, lectures, concerts, seminars and various other activities. It will be a great opportunity for libertarian supporters, inhabitants of the region and elsewhere, and the general public to meet, debate, share and experience libertarian ideas and practices. It will also be an opportunity for those who have not yet discovered the rich history of this movement to learn about its contributions to social progress and its struggles from previous centuries to the present day.

What are anarchists doing today? What are their ideas, their works, their actions? How have they contributed to world history for more than 150 years? What can we learn from this concept, and why is anarchy more desirable than ever?

Anarchy is not chaos and lack of order at all, but the opposite: it advocates an anti-authoritarian approach and a personal and social organization that promotes the emancipation of all human beings. This means fighting against all forms of oppression, exploitation and imposed authority, seeking to enhance everywhere freedom (absence of domination), equity (absence of privilege) and mutual aid (mutuality).

On this occasion, we would like to welcome participants from all continents. All those interested are invited to contribute to the organization and the success of this meeting in whatever way they find most suitable (sharing information, contributing ideas, joining in art projects, providing material support, etc.).

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