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Watching a lot of YouTube shit today!

[Video] Athlean-X – Joe Lindner’s Death: My Big Concern

Jeff Cavaliere is my #1 fitness icon. Yeah… I have fitness icons.

Anyway, I knew nothing about the death of Joe Lindner and I was curious about Jeff’s big concern. It isn’t a concern for me at all, so there wasn’t much for me to get out of this. Performance Enhancing Drugs – P.E.D.s – aren’t something I’m interested in.

[Video] Democracy at Work – Alternative Family Structures are Not New

Despite the title of this video, it is more an overview of the Nuclear Family than anything else. It talked about alternative family structures a little bit, but not as much as I would have liked. I did learn something about the Bolsheviks (prior to Stalin) that I didn’t know before.

This is a topic that I have spent some time on lately, including an appearance on Sublation Media to talk about it with Ashley Frawley. I would definitely recommend watching this to someone as an introduction to the history and current status of the Nuclear Family in the United States!

[Video] Destiny – Culture War Debate w/Tim Pool, John Doyle, and Lauren Chen

This was basically worthless for me… I don’t even feel like elaborating on why.

[Video] Sublation Media – The Ana Kasparian Controversy

TYT people are barely in my peripheral vision, but I still try to keep tabs on what’s happening closer to the political center.

Arizona GOP student group to host Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes at upcoming conference

Not in Phoenix, but close enough to smell it.

Jonah Hill’s therapy-speak exposes the dark side of the Nice Jewish Boy: The drama surrounding Hill’s ex-girlfriend reveals the way therapy-speak is dangerous

I’m apparently low on energy for demanding texts today, but this wasn’t not worth reading. What is being called therapy-speak is easy to employ in the service of defending one’s ego at the expense of bonding through vulnerable moments and conversations. But isn’t that obvious?

[Video] Low Level Learning – What Happens to Your Code After You Press “Compile”?

Back to watching more YouTube videos… this time, NERD SHIT! I read or watch something about this topic every few months because …I don’t know, I guess I just like it.

[Video] LRN2DIY – How Pros Wrap Extension Cords, Cables & Hoses

annnnnnnnnd: more nerd shit.