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Ian Hacking

Ian Hacking was recommended to me, so I found some of his work and I am skimming it for now…

Historical Ontology

This seems like the place for me to start with Hacking, considering my focus on this topic with other thinkers. I have only flipped through the index and read (most of) the introduction so far. I am surprised at how little Sartre seems to be referenced. Perhaps the author just wasn’t aware of Sartre’s later works.

Besides that, it looks really interesting!

Why Is There Philosophy of Mathematics At All

Rewriting the Soul: multiple personality and the sciences of memory

[Game] Burn the Fort by Indigenous Action

A game of Indigenous resistance. Burn the Fort is a semi-cooperative game where you’ll face history in challenging & empowering ways

[Class] Creature Design and Sculpture for Film: A course by Jordu Schell, Sculptor

A professional approach to creating fantasy and horror characters out of Sculpty clay

Jordu Schell has always had a passion for monsters. From a young age, he obsessed over fantasy films of the 70s and 80s, and woke up wide-eyed on Saturday mornings, excited to spend his free time brainstorming all sorts of creatures. Since Schell got his big Hollywood break at the ripe age of 20 on a budget film in Los Angeles, he’s worked on some of the most recognizable fantasy films of his time, from Edward Scissorhands, Men in Black, to the X-Files. He also was a key sculptor in James Cameron’s Oscar-winning movie, Avatar. In his work, he endeavors to imbue as much personality as possible, combining aspects of the human species with different earth creatures.

In this online course, learn how to design, sculpt and color a hyperrealistic fantasy character of your own, guided by one of the best in business. Schell takes you through the steps used by the pros, from early conceptualization to the final product, using accessible methods and materials, such as polymer clays.

What will you learn in this online course?

To start, meet master monster maker and fantasy artist —Jordu Schell. He guides you through his decades of experience making all sorts of creatures, aliens, and creepy characters for film, video games, and television.

Then, get brainstorming. Discover how all animals share extraordinarily common anatomical links. Look for references and sketch your monster before preparing the clay and adding a base color.

Afterward, build the armature with aluminum wire and block in the character’s main shapes. Next, bring your creature to life with important features —eyes, teeth, and other anatomical details. Each element of your creation convince the viewer of its reality, so carefully sculpt the flesh to look lifelike, as well as the patterns and textures.

It will then be time to refine, bake and choose the best colors for your monster. Wrap up with the hand painting and airbrushing processes.

By the end of the lessons, you will be able to develop a compelling character, from early conceptualization to the final details.

[Video] Jaw-Dropping Facts – How Long Cats Remember Their Owners, Abuse, Mistreatment, and Other Things (Cats’ Memory Explained)

[Video] Destiny – Heated Debate vs Nick, Sneako And Zherka On Fresh N Fit

I don’t know why I do this to myself. These people are such fucking scumbags and I’m always just pissed after watching them talk. I guess I’m letting them win by reacting like that. Well they got me! lol

[Video] DEBATE: Are There More Than 2 Genders? | CSP & Ryan Vs Saanvi & Tony| Podcast

I’ve watched 3 of the 4 people here debate this topic before. Am I really going to spend the next few hours of my life watching them again? Probably not, but regardless it is background noise for me. I imagine that this is what sports-viewers do with a game they have seen before or for teams they’re not very excited about…