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THIS IS REVOLUTION>podcast Ep. 232: The Enslavement of Indigenous Peoples w/ Keith Pluymers and Hayley Negrin


2022 01 13

With a culture war heating up in an election year, the ideological battle over hot button topics like Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, and reparations intensifies, there remains one historical fact that is constantly glossed over or just outright ignored on both sides of the battle. The complicated history of Native American enslavement. A complex narrative that spans beyond the American South, where the plantation economy had a stronghold on the institution of enslavement, Native Americans were bought and sold throughout the Americas, Spain and even parts of Africa. In this upcoming episode we’ll take a deep dive into the forgotten history of Native American enslavement.

Keith Pluymers

Keith Pluymers is an expert on early modern history & environmental history, professor of history at Illinois State University, and author.

Hayley Negrin

Hayley Negrin specializes in Native American history, slavery, and the history of women and gender in the Atlantic World. Her current book project investigates the transformation of Indigenous kinship ties and politics under English chattel slavery in early North America.

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