I’ve been thinking about..

I’ve had the urge to begin writing again, but I’m pulled in many directions and haven’t landed on any solid point to begin from. One essay would begin, “The United States is a country that doesn’t know itself, nor others.” Another would tell the story of the tensions between Existentialism, Marxism (including the Situationist International), and Anarchism around the time of Paris, 1968 and how the enduring influence of existentialist writers has been downplayed since then. Yet another would be about the ontological primacy of the State, compared with the economy. It would be about the exaggeration of the Private Sector’s scope in contemporary radical theory and the importance of returning the State to a more central area of anarchist critique.

What I ultimately want to work out is the same old project I’ve been working on for years: a way to comprehend the intersections of politics and world-design. Or perhaps another way to put it would be a comprehensive phenomenology of politics in contemporary North American society. A theory of political imagination and how it is actualized in everyday life. I hope to live to eventually work this out coherently… some day.