4 Books of Existential-Phenomenology and Ecology


Abraham Maslow: the (Almost) Existentialist Anarchist

Anyone who has been in a classroom even remotely related to Developmental Psychology or read a popular article on the topic will be familiar with Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs.

But Maslow was much more interesting than most people would assume. First of all, he was philosophically oriented towards anarchism. If one reads his late work “The Farther Reaches of Human Nature,” especially ”Part V. Society,” then they will surely find out that Maslow’s ideal society is an anarchist one.

Albert Camus’ Anarchist Conclusion

Apparently, almost everyone who has made a statement about Albert Camus’ political ideology skipped the end of his most extensive essay in political philosophy: The

An Anarchist Approach to Policy

To people who don’t know much about anarchism, it seems like a completely unrealistic worldview. To those people who know a little bit about anarchism,

Attractive Inconsistencies: Sex, Gender, Sexuality, and Relationships

The following analysis may be considered in the light of Gender or Queer Theory, but it does not support many of the common assumptions present

Existentialist Anarchism: A Rough Sketch in Progress

Introduction Existentialism and anarchism are both widely misunderstood. Introductory texts related to both philosophies almost always emphasize this difficulty. There is much debate about who

How Liberal and Right Wing Anti-Communism Continues to Fuel Fascism Today

The storming of the US Capitol Building was only one of a series of right-wing attacks on 01/06/2021, adding to decades of nationalist reaction. Yes,

Identity is Impossible

“You are what you are not and are not what you are.” – Jean-Paul Sartre According to the famous psychologist and psychoanalyst Erik Erikson, the

Response to R. C. Roberts’ Polemic Against Kiddie Anarchism

I’m not even 20 minutes into Roberts’ interview: However, I already made my acquaintances and signed up for his mailing list… And in the middle

Varn Vlog – On the Lingering Existentialism

Guest appearance on C. Derick Varn’s “Varn Vlog” discussing existentialism as a political movement and related topics. Social Links for Varn: https://www.youtube.com/c/CDerickVarn… https://www.patreon.com/varnvlog/posts https://facebook.com/derickvarnpoetan… https://varnvlogvoice.buzzsprout.com/